Community Health

Health program had a big turn-up of patients at the clinic this year especially OPD Department.

The clinic also registered an increase in the monthly diabetic and hyper/hypo tension patientsthough sadly one died recently.

Immunization is still being done on monthly basis for expectant mothers and children. The turnup has been good and mothers are sensitized on proper and safe breast feeding plus its importance. Diseases mostly treated include malaria, peptic ulcers, respiratory tract infections, Cough, Flu, measles, Chicken pox and Hypertension.

There was also a health camp at the clinic conducted by medical officials from USA in addition to our local health officers which took place in June, the turn was so good. Clients with High/Low blood pressure, Ulcers, Skin Infections, Malaria, Diabetes among others were well treated.

Community Health

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