• Environmental Conservation & Biodiversity

    Delve into the wonders of Earth's biodiversity and understand the importance of preserving it

    Environmental Conservation & Biodiversity
  • Planting Fruit Trees: Growing a Greener Future

    Fruit trees are more than just a source of tasty treats; they play a vital role in supporting local ecosystems. 

    Planting Fruit Trees: Growing a Greener Future
  • Charity A Path

    The small charity that comes from the heart is better than the great charity that comes from the head. 

    Charity A Path
  • Rural Development

    We empower communities with income generating projects to improve of livelihoods. Every day we bring hope to many people in rural communities as a sign of God's unconditional love.

    Rural Development
  • Child Sponsorship

    Over 422 are being sponsored: 187 are in primary, 165 are in secondary, 36 are in Vocational Institutions and 34 are in Universities

    Child Sponsorship
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    Students Sponsored​
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    Wells Constructed​
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    Communities Supported​

    Our Go Green Initiatives

    Go Green - Nurturing a Sustainable Future
    Welcome to “Go Green,” your ultimate resource for all things related to the environment, sustainability, and living a greener lifestyle. Our mission is to empower individuals and communities with the knowledge and tools they need to make eco-conscious choices that contribute to a healthier planet.

    Through mindful decisions in our daily routines, we safeguard the Earth for generations to come.

    Harmony at Home: Green Living Tips for a Sustainable Lifestyle"

    Small changes in your daily routine can add up to significant positive impact. We help communities discover easy and effective green living tips that help them reduce carbon footprint, conserve energy, and create a more sustainable home environment.

    Plastic Detox Green Living Tips for a Sustainable Lifestyle"

    We organize community workshops on Plastic pollution showing them the dangers how it is of a grave threat to our environment. 

    Why Go Green Matters: Value of our Green Initiative in Communities

    Amidst environmental crises, embracing a “Go Green” mindset isn’t just a choice; it’s vital. Every sustainable action, no matter how small, holds the power to create significant positive change. 

    Plastic Detox Ditching Single-Use Plastics for Good

    Plastic pollution poses a grave threat to our environment. Child2Youth Foundation trains communities practical ways to cut down on single-use plastics, offering simple swaps and habits that contribute to cleaner oceans and a healthier communities and planet.

    From Trash to Treasure: Unleashing the Magic of Upcycling

    We train the communities to Uncover the world of upcycling, where creativity meets sustainability. We encourage them to Dive into innovative ideas to transform discarded items into functional and stylish pieces, reducing waste and embracing a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

    Blossoming Green Embracing Native Plants for a Thriving Ecosystem

    Child2Youth foundation encourages communities as well as supporting them to plant native plants in their gardens. we train them on how to incorporate local gems to enhance biodiversity, support pollinators, and create a resilient ecosystem right at their doorstep.

    Cheap Locally Made Rocket Stoves To Help Reduce Tree Cutting In Uganda

    The stoves will help to reduce on the amount of firewood used per day in cooking thus reducing cutting down of trees in communities. On average, a single family in rural Uganda uses between 20-30 firewood of each 2M long. With the introduction of 2BCCROST, a single family is expected to use a maximum of 5 firewood per day of each 2M long.

    Since this kind of stove produces much less smoke, women are going to be saved from illnesses associated with inhering wood burning unhealthy smoke


    To ensure the wellbeing of needy children, youth and poor rural communities by providing them with the support, opportunity and assistance needed to become happy, educated and healthy
    Rural Community Development: After observing and analyzing the poverty rates with the sponsored children’s families, income generating activities were planned which eventually covered many communities. Here goats, pigs, cows and chicken are given to various families in the poor rural communities to increase on their incomes.

    We Care about the Wellbeing of the Rural People


    Child Sponsorship

    The major program sponsoring needy children and youth in various school levels. We educate children from Nursery to Tertiary institutions including Universities.

    Currently 422 are being sponsored: 187 are in primary, 165 are in secondary, 36 are in Vocational Institutions and 34 are in Universities.

    Water and Sanitation

    It was observed that some schools where sponsorships are taking place, were lacking pit latrines so this program was initiated to alleviate this challenge. Currently lined pit latrines are being constructed in schools, lake landing sites of Lake Victoria and trading centres. In addition, the poor rural water sources are being improved to provide clean water to the schools and communities.


    In order to assist and improve the poor health status within our areas of operation especially for the sponsored children and their families, a Clinic (Sisters of St. Joseph Clinic) was constructed at Kyambogo village where medical services are now being provided to all communities around this village.

    Our Awesome Partners

    We appreciate our partners who have committed resources towards our cause

    We are helping hand of 700

    Children in 10+ communities.

    Currently 422 are being sponsored: 187 are in primary, 165 are in secondary, 36 are in Vocational Institutions and 34 are in Universities. All the sponsored are provided with tuition, exercise books, text books, school uniforms, shoes and school bags. Some receive goats, cows, clothes, food items, beddings, vocational tools and special gifts especially during Christmas times from their sponsors. In addition, medical services are given to the sick.

    Empowering Generations

    Empowering, supporting and connecting generations and give voice to individuals and the most vulnerable. Our long term vision means, together, we can invest across many years in helping individuals and families to reach their potential.

    Inclusive Communities

    Join our mission to ensure that no person or community is left behind, on the fringes, or isolated. Every community should be judged by how its most vulnerable are treated. We are committed to equality and inclusion.


    Whichever fund you decide to contribute to, as a donor you will be partnering with the strongest advocates, the most resilient communities and social justice leaders. Donors to our thematic funds can choose to be recognised or remain anonymous.



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