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Child2Youth Foundation, a registered (reg no.8313) non-governmental organization, was started in 2005 by Ssenyonjo Kironde Steven who was concerned by the plight of the needy children and youth who had no means of getting education, health services and other necessities of life due to poverty in their families.

Child2Youth Foundation Vision:  To have educated, healthy and self-sustaining citizens by addressing the needs of needy children, youth and poor rural communities.

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Child2Youth Foundation Mission:  To ensure the well-being of needy children, youth and poor rural communities by providing them with the support, opportunity and assistance needed to become happy, educated and healthy

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Child2Youth Foundation Objectives:

a)  To promote and foster Christ-like love, unity, fellowship and service with and all other God fearing people of the world.

b)  To foster child, youth, family and community assistance programmes in areas of desparacy and prevent ignorance and illiteracy within the rural communities of Uganda.

c)  To protect and assist needy children and youth through aid, education health and poor rural development programs.

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d)  To increase the economic status and standard of living of rural poor communities through provision of income generating projects.

e)  To improve on the hygiene and health of various communities through provision of clean water sources and construction of lined pit latrines.

f)    To bring unity, happiness and joy in needy children, youth and rural poor communities who had no hope for better life.