“Healing Hands: Sisters of St. Joseph Clinic in Kyambogo Finds Support from REACH International”


In the heart of Kyambogo, a bustling community on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda, stands a sanctuary of hope and healing – the Sisters of St. Joseph Clinic. For years, this humble healthcare facility has been a beacon of light, providing vital medical services to those who need it most. Today, we are excited to shed light on the remarkable work being done by the Sisters of St. Joseph Clinic and their new partnership with REACH International, which is propelling their mission to even greater heights.

The Sisters of St. Joseph Clinic: A Lifeline for Kyambogo

The Sisters of St. Joseph Clinic has been a lifeline for the people of Kyambogo for over a decade. Established and operated by the dedicated Sisters of St. Joseph, this clinic has become a pillar of support for the community, offering a range of medical services, from basic check-ups to life-saving treatments. The clinic’s mission is simple but profound: to ensure that quality healthcare is accessible to all, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

Challenges Faced:

Despite their unwavering commitment, the clinic has not been without its share of challenges. Limited resources, a growing patient population, and an ever-increasing demand for medical services have stretched the clinic’s capabilities. It became apparent that external support was needed to keep this vital institution running smoothly.

REACH International: Extending a Helping Hand

This is where REACH International comes into the picture. REACH International is a non-profit organization that has a history of supporting healthcare initiatives in underserved communities around the world. When they learned about the Sisters of St. Joseph Clinic’s dedication and the challenges they were facing, they knew they had found a partner who aligned with their mission of making healthcare accessible to all.

Collaborative Efforts:

The collaboration between the Sisters of St. Joseph Clinic and REACH International is a story of shared vision and dedication. REACH International has provided the clinic with much-needed financial support, which has enabled them to expand their services, improve their infrastructure, and hire additional medical staff. This partnership has not only enhanced the clinic’s capacity to serve more patients but has also allowed them to offer more specialized medical care, including maternity and child health services, which are vital for the community.

The Impact of Support:

The impact of REACH International’s support is already being felt throughout Kyambogo. The clinic can now run health education and awareness programs, helping the local community understand the importance of preventive healthcare and disease management. This proactive approach is not only changing lives but saving them as well

“Healing Hands: Sisters of St. Joseph Clinic in Kyambogo Finds Support from REACH International”

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